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As one of the Internet's leading online pharmacies, NpD offers a safe, secure, confidential and convenient way to service online prescriptions. There are many pharmacies operating on the internet so how do you choose a supplier you can trust to deliver a medication at a low price with branded quality that is comparable to what your local main road pharmacy may stock. Here are some facts which may help you make up your mind where to buy your medications in the future. NpD was one of the first pharmacy web sites online and is now even better than ever! Welcome to NpD - The Original International Pharmacy Supermarket.


NpD is owned and administered by PNI Parma Group, a leading European Pharmaceutical Organization based in Gibraltar. For contact and address information see contact page.You can be absolutely assured that you are dealing with an honest, experienced and reputable supplier. We have been supplying prescription medications via the internet for over 10 years and specialize in the more unusual medications. We often supply to or on behalf of other leading online pharmacy names and have an excellent reputation for reliability. We are a fully licensed pharmacy and we guarantee delivery of all our products! ... Through NpD these strengths have been brought to the internet and with it a unique specialist range of difficult to obtain RX medications.

There are so many misconceptions and untruths about offshore pharmacies its not legal to import medications into your Country or Customs will detain the order, you will never see the medications or even that product quality is inferior; WRONG !. NpD have developed comprehensive delivery systems which work efficiently and comply with most Countries importation regulations. Our pharmacists are fully licensed and work to the same high standards you would expect in the USA or Europe. All of the products we distribute are manufactured by the World's leading pharmaceutical companies. Indeed the very same manufacturers that supply medications to your local pharmacy !


Why can't USA online pharmacies supply these type of medications?

They can if you want to pay very high USA Pharmacy prices! There are additionally FDA imposed export restrictions on USA pharmacies and which prevent them offering a full range of medications online. Naturally USA pharmacies and indeed the medical profession at large will take a negative attitude towards offshore pharmacies and usually will try to state that the medications are not the same quality when purchased offshore; WRONG !

..but like anything else you have to be careful when choosing the offshore pharmacy that you are proposing to deal with.

As an offshore pharmacy we are able to export medications to most Countries. In the case of the USA (and indeed most Countries) the FDA (and other Government authorities) will allow you to legally import up to three months supply of a medication providing it is for your personal usage and not for resale.

"We believe that the customer has the absolute right to choose where they obtain their personal medications. By providing you with that freedom of choice coupled with an excellent professional service and real confidentiality we aim to dispel the myths surrounding buying prescription drugs on the internet. Whilst we always recommend that you should always consult your doctor before taking any medication the fact is that our customers almost invariably know what they want. The content of the NpD web site is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, rather it is designed to support, not replace, the relationship between you and your healthcare providers. If you have, or suspect you have a health problem you should see your doctor"


Our orders are processed using the latest secure servers and NpD has built a solid reputation as an honest and highly reputable supplier. Furthermore our success rate without problems is 99.5%. NpD are also recommended by and linked to by other leading internet pharmacies as a source of difficult to obtain medications where they themselves are unable to supply. There is no better recommendation; and that is why we work with some leading pharmacy names on the internet ensuring that their customers can find the medication they are looking for. All orders are received via a secure server, protected by 128bit encryption, to ensure that your details are kept private and to guarantee your peace of mind.

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We actually stock and supply these drugs

Many pharmacy web sites are not pharmacies at all. They operate simply as a gateway to lists of pharmacies whereby they will charge you a fee for obtaining the information, much of which is outdated anyway. For most people this is unsatisfactory as we have found that the requirement is for a full and complete range of medications; to be delivered in the fastest possible time and without complications.

As we physically stock and dispense the medications you can be assured of an excellent service which is providing you the customer with exactly what you want. Some drugs are very difficult if not impossible to find on the web with or without prescriptions. Our range is more comprehensive than other online pharmacies and we specialize in those medications that other pharmacies cannot for a variety of reasons supply.

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Read our FAQ's which explains how to buy drugs safely online.