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Lupride (Leuprolide Acetate For Inj)
P1420 Lupride (Leuprolide Acetate For Inj) Sun Pharma 1 inj 3.75 mg $215.11
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P1422 Lupride (Leuprolide Acetate For Inj) Sun Pharma 1 inj 22.5 mg $684.15
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Why is Leuprolide acetate prescribed?

Lupride is a synthetic version of the naturally occurring gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH). Lupride suppresses shedding of the endometrium (lining of the uterus) during menstruation and is used to treat endometriosis, a condition in which cells from the endometrium grow outside of the uterus. Endometriosis causes painful growths to form around the outside of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.

Two forms of Lupride--Lupride Depot 3.75 and Lupride Depot 11.25--are prescribed to relieve the pain of endometriosis and shrink the growths. (The hormonal medication norethindrone acetate is often added to the regimen.) Three other forms of Lupride--Lupron Depot 7.5, Lupride Depot 22.5, and Lupride Depot 30--are prescribed to relieve the symptoms of advanced prostate cancer.

The first two forms of Lupride are also used before surgery, along with iron, to treat anemia caused by fibroids (tumors) in the uterus when iron alone is not effective. Some doctors also prescribe Lupride for infertility and for early puberty.

Most important fact about Leuprolide acetate:

Lupron lowers estrogen levels, which can lead to a decrease in bone density in both men and women. Decreased bone density could increase your risk of osteoporosis, or brittle bone disease, later in life. Consequently, the drug is not usually given for longer than 6 months at a time.
How should you take Leuprolide acetate?

Lupron must be given under the supervision of a physician. It is given by injection once a month, every 3 months, or every 4 months, depending on the form you've been prescribed.

If you miss a dose:

Women who miss their monthly injections of Lupron Depot 3.75 may experience resumption of menstrual bleeding.

Storage instructions:

Lupride does not need to be refrigerated. Protect from freezing.
Leuprolide acetate side effects

Side effects cannot be anticipated. If any develop or change in intensity, inform your doctor as soon as possible. Only your doctor can determine if it is safe for you to continue taking Lupride.


Lupron stops menstruation and reduces estrogen levels in your body. Reduced estrogen may cause side effects such as acne, decreased sex drive, headaches, hot flashes, mood swings, muscle pain, a reduction in breast size, and vaginal inflammation and dryness. Your menstrual periods and estrogen levels will return to normal when you stop taking Lupron.

Side effects may include:
Anxiety, appetite changes, breast tenderness or pain, depression, fluid retention, development of male characteristics, dizziness, general pain, inflammation of the vagina (vaginitis), insomnia or other sleep disorders, joint pain, memory problems, nausea and vomiting, nervousness, skin reactions, stomach or intestinal disorders, unusual burning or prickling sensation of the skin, weakness, weight gain or loss

Additional side effects you may experience if you are taking Lupron for anemia include:
Body odor, flu symptoms, nail problems, nasal irritation, pinkeye, taste disorders


Lupron increases male hormone levels.

Side effects may include:
Breathing problems, dizziness/vertigo, fluid retention, headache, hot flashes, impotence, sleep disorders, joint disorders, nausea, pain, skin reaction, stomach and intestinal disorder, sweats, testicle shrinking, urinary problems, vomiting, weakness

A few other side effects are possible with the Lupride Depot 30 formulation.
Why should Leuprolide acetate not be prescribed?

Lupride should not be used if you are known to be hypersensitive to it, or to any drug containing a form of GnRH.

If you have undiagnosed abnormal vaginal bleeding, you should not take Lupron.

If you are pregnant or might become pregnant, you should not take Lupron. The drug could harm a developing baby. Also avoid Lupron if you are breastfeeding.

Lupride Depot 30 is for use by men only.



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