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Momate Lotion (Mometasone Furoate Topical Solution)
P1474 Momate Lotion (Mometasone Furoate Topical Solution) Glenmark 15ml 0.10% $17.86
J119 Elocon Cream (Mometasone Furoate) Generic 1 X 0.01% Cream 5 gm $7.96
P1450 Momate F cream (Mometasone Furoate + Fusidic Acid) Glenmark 5 gm 0.1% + 2.00 % $11.34
P1457 Momate S Cream (Mometasone Furoate + Salicylic Acid) Glenmark 10 gm tube 0.1% + 5% $11.07
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What is Mometasone furoate?

Mometasone furoate (also referred to as mometasone) is a glucocorticoid steroid used topically to reduce inflammation of the skin or in the airways.


Mometasone depresses the formation, release and activity of endogenous inflammatory chemical mediators (e.g. kinins, histamine, liposomal enzymes and prostaglandin). It inhibits the margination and subsequent cell migration to the injury site, reverses vascular dilatation and permeability, resulting in decreased access of cells to the area of injury.

Ointment: 0.7%; increased with occlusive dressings. Nasal spray: Undetectable in plasma. Oral inhalation: <1%.

Protein-binding: 98-99%.


Via faeces, bile, urine.
Mometasone Indications / Mometasone Uses

Information Not Available
Mometasone Adverse Reactions / Mometasone Side Effects

Nasal/Oral inhalation: Headache, fatigue, depression; musculoskeletal pain, arthalgia; sinusitis, rhinitis, upper respiratory infection, pharyngitis, cough, epistaxis; viral infection, nasal and oral candidiasis; chest pain; abdominal pain, dry throat, vomiting, diarrhoea, dyspepsia, flatulence, gastroenteritis, nausea, vomiting; dysmenorrhoea; back pain, myalgia; conjunctivitis; earache, otitis media; asthma, bronchitis, dysphonia; nasal irritation, burning and septal perforation; wheezing; nasal ulcers; growth suppression. Topical: Bacterial skin infection, burning, furunculosis, pruritus, skin atrophy, tingling/stinging, folliculitis, moniliasis, paraesthesia, skin depigmentation, rosacea, cataract, growth suppression.

Potentially Fatal: Adrenal suppression, immunosuppression, Kaposi's sarcoma in prolonged periods, anaphylaxis.

Because nasal and inhaled corticosteroids have been associated with glaucoma and cataracts, closely follow patients with changes in vision and a history of glaucoma and/or cataracts. Monitor growth and development of children on prolonged therapy.

Systemic corticosteroid effects.
Special Precautions

Discontinue if irritation or sensitisation occurs. Systemic absorption increases when area of application is extensive or an occlusive dressing is used. Pregnancy and lactation. DM, hepatic and renal diseases, myasthenia gravis, CV disease, ocular diseases, osteoporosis, GI diseases, history of seizure disorders. Not for status asthmaticus or relief of acute bronchospasm. Requires dosage adjustments with thyroid status. May reduce growth velocity in children; monitor growth. Taper withdrawal.
Other Drug Interactions

Increased risk of hypokalaemia with amphotericin B, potassium-wasting diuretics. Decreases hypoglycaemic effects of antidiabetic drugs. Increased serum levels with antifungals (imidazole). Increased risk of tendinopathies with fluoroquinolones.



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