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All of the following on this page forms the terms and conditions under which you agree to use this web site.
The content of the NPD web site is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, rather it is designed to support, not replace, the relationship between you and your healthcare providers. If you have, or suspect you may have a health problem you should consult your doctor. Please consult your doctor before taking any new product, particularly if you are already under medical care.

The usage of drugs and medicines should always be made under the supervision and approval of a qualified doctor. NPD, its principals and/or its associates shall not under any circumstances be held liable or responsible in any way for any consequences or effect [however caused] on or to any person by the purchase and consumption of drugs / medicines or as a result of any information given on this web site or for the actions (however caused) of any Importation Authority, Government Authority or Legal Body. It is expressly understood and agreed that any person buying prescription drugs and medicines online through the services offered here does so entirely at their own risk. NPD is an International online "virtual" pharmaceutical service.

No knowledge of importation laws into any country regarding the products listed on this site is warranted. NPD, its principals and/or its associates shall not be held liable for any product (including drugs and medications) which may be withheld, for any reason, by any Importation Authority, Government Authority or Legal Body. (Please note that whilst no liability is accepted under these circumstances NPD will re-ship the order again free of charge). Please see notes 8 & 9 below.

All products are sold subject to the terms and conditions of use (which are prevailing at the time) and as written below, and where applicable; will require a valid prescription. By purchasing medications on this web site you agree to be bound by them.

Some of the graphics used on this website may not always exactly reflect the actual product packing of the medications supplied or the color/ size of the capsules/ tablets, although we do our utmost to be as accurate as possible. In all cases the content, strength and quantity of the medications offered for sale is as stated; unless due to rare circumstances beyond our control a customer is subsequently notified to the contrary and may be offered an alternative. Sometimes if the specific brand/ generic brand name isn't available or has been superseded we may substitute by the superseded brand name. This has no detriment on quality, the drug composition/ content, its strength and/ or quantity; the medication will be as stated.


NON APPROVED SHIPPING COUNTRIES:- We DO NOT ship to Africa (except South Africa) some European, Scandinavian and Baltic States,certain Middle East, Asian and South American countries. If in doubt or you wish to discuss bulk exports to any country please contact us.

1. NPD will only accept orders subject to these terms and conditions, and which shall be final and binding.

2. The contract of sale shall be between (hereinafter referred to as "The Merchant") and "The buyer". You are purchasing the product/service from via our merchant processor.

3. The buyer accepts full and absolute liability for the use of all products and services which are supplied by The Merchant. The buyer undertakes that they will only use products under the guidance of their physician and in compliance with the laws pertaining to their own Country.

4. The buyer is responsible for the confirmation of their personal importation requirements, depending on the buyer's location. Products are not available where prohibited by law.

5. By placing an order, The buyer makes a pledge that they hold The Merchant, their directors, partners, management and card processors free of any and all legal action and prosecution howsoever caused. This includes any entrapment procedures that may be perpetrated by law enforcement and government agents and agencies.

6. The buyer confirms that he/she is of legal age in his/her country of origin.

7. Packages are sent via International Air Mail. Tracking/ Shipping numbers are assigned to each package, and losses are therefore extremely unusual. Package tracking/ shipping numbers will be provided only upon request by the buyer. The amount of time necessary to receive packages depends upon the country of origin of the buyer. See the FAQ's page for more details.

8. The Merchant packages orders in such a manner so as to avoid or greatly reduce the incidence of the detention or retention of the package by foreign customs. However, if products are seized by customs, the monetary loss lies with the buyer. Whilst no liability is accepted under these circumstances The Merchant will re-ship the order again free of charge pending any outstanding inquiries and at their sole discretion. In the event that the original order is subsequently released from detention the buyer must inform The Merchant immediately. The Merchant shall have no obligation to re-ship if the buyer is a wholesale trader and/ or is purchasing any product for resale.

9. The Merchant carefully packages items in such a way so as to avoid damage in almost all cases. The Merchant cannot be held financially or legally responsible for any damage or loss that occurs while products are in transit. Should a package fail to arrive within 30 business days from date of order The Merchant will re-ship the order again (pending any outstanding inquiries and at their sole discretion) free of charge. In the event that the original order subsequently arrives the buyer must inform The Merchant immediately. (Business days are Monday to Friday excluding public or religious holidays).

10. All orders are final, and cannot be changed or terminated once placed.

11. The Merchant does not offer medical advice or consultation: all information is supplied on an educational basis and does not in anyway replace that of a physician's.

12. The Merchant reserves the right to refuse orders as they see fit.

13. The Merchant has locations in Europe, India and the Far East. Therefore, medication instructions and labeling may not always be in English (99.9% are). The buyer should be familiar with the ordered drug's profile.

14. Credit card fraud and unsolicited charge backs will not be tolerated. We have a very serious policy regarding this issue. If a credit card order is found to be fraudulent, or if a charge back attempt is made despite receiving the order, The Merchant will be forced to provide identifying information about you to your local authorities. The Merchant has invested in sophisticated technology which enables this. Furthermore, your name and identifying information about you may (at our discretion) be published.

15. Other conditions that are not covered in these Terms and Conditions will be decided by The Merchant and that decision will be final.

16. Any products or services which are purchased by The buyer from a third party web site which is linked from NPD shall be sold subject to the terms and conditions of the third party web site and The Merchant shall not accept any responsibility for the sale of such products or services and shall be held harmless against any claims however caused.  

17. The transaction will be carried over a secure link. All card processing is encoded for your security and our processor will carry out an online authorization of your card and will debit your account if it is cleared.
All cases of fraud are fully investigated.

18. Use of this web site is subject to our Privacy Policy which forms part of these terms and conditions.

19. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.